People with Autism are valuable members of our society. At N-Courage we believe in treating people with Autism with dignity and respect.  We value their strengths and strive to always engage them fully to achieve their very best.  We are committed to working in partnership with parents, carers and professionals to help those on the Autistic Spectrum to achieve all they can and to develop a society where people on the Autism Spectrum are genuinely accepted and valued by their communities.

We recognize the complex nature of autism and the challenges that people on the Spectrum and their parents and carers face.  But we also recognise the strengths that people with Autism bring and the contribution that they are able to make.

N-Courage provide the very best physical activity and health and well-being programmes combined with the scientifically proven benefits of Positive Behaviour Support.  We take a person centered approach with the ultimate aim of improving quality of life and providing supported employment opportunities for everyone on the Autism Spectrum.