Available now, N-Courage Martial Arts classes improve self confidence, self esteem, physical fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance, ability to follow instruction and social interaction. All whilst having fun!


At N-Courage our aim is to make sure everyone can access the benefits of Martial Arts regardless of age, ability, behaviour or learning differences.


All of our Martial Arts programmes are designed to reflect the unique learning requirements of our young learners.  Programmes blend techniques taken from a range of Martial Arts to meet individual needs, or where required, programmes can focus on a preferred Martial Art.  The opportunity exists to work towards grading, from white belt to black, either in a Martial Art of choice or by following the N-Courage unique grading system.


Small group classes are available weekly for all age groups or we can arrange one to one individually tailored programmes on request. N-Courage work alongside parents, care givers, professionals, schools and care providers to develop and deliver bespoke Martial Arts programmes that assist everyone, no matter the level of need, to reach their full potential.