N-Courage will work to provide a range of supported employment opportunities for adults on the Autism Spectrum.  Every work placement will fully embrace our values and will be bespoke to every individual. We will work in partnership with others to educate and raise awareness until we achieve a society where people with autism are genuinely accepted and valued by their communities.


Through fitness, health and well-being activities to provide children and adults with Autism, their families and carers, a supportive,positive and fun environment that builds confidence and self esteem.  N-Courage will build positive partnerships that ultimately enable those we support to make informed choices and to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.


At N-Courage we are always  Positive Inclusive and Empowering

Our staff live our values and they permeate everything that we do to ensure the health and well-being, life skills and outcomes for those on the Autism Spectrum are optimised.