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My child/adult requires significant additional support and has a complex communication disorder . Can they still take part?

In short….YES! Our programmes are specifically designed to cater for all levels of additional support needs. Our specially trained staff are experienced in working with complex needs.

Is there a minimum age children can start training?

We can children as young as 4yrs old, however, this depends on the child’s current level of development. We can help and advise with deciding if your child is ready to start training, just get in touch and we’ll discuss the options with you.

My child/dependent adult has behavioral issues, can they still take part?

Of course! Our staff are specially trained to manage even the most challenging of behavioural issues. Our programmes are designed to help individuals manage behavioural issues in a pro-social manner.

My child/dependent adult has other additional needs unrelated to Autism, can they still take part?

Yes. We specialise in finding bespoke solutions to additional needs. We firmly believe anyone can participate and benefit from our programmes and work with clients to find an approach that meets their specific needs.

Will training in Martial Arts encourage my child/dependent adult to be aggressive?

Absolutely not. Self-control, managing emotions, self-discipline, and promoting pro-social behaviours are fundamental to all our programmes (and Martial Arts in general!). In fact, studies have shown regular training in Martial Arts helps to reduce aggressive behaviours.

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