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Harry becomes our first Kickboxing Yellow Belt!

Young N-Courage superstar, Harry, made history this week when he became our very first member to achieve the rank of Yellow Belt in Kickboxing! Harry successfully completed the challenging grading in a mainstream setting! Having gained competence in all the required technical skills, we decided to give Harry the opportunity to take his grading with


Ben Earns His First Belt!

N-Courage student, Ben, aged 8, achieved his first belt in Krav Maga! After nearly a year of consistent training, Ben achieved the required standard to be awarded his Yellow Stripe Belt. This is a significant achievement as Ben has demonstrated proficiency in all the required technical aspect and has improved his focus and concentration considerably


Open Evening 2019 – Come along and see what we do!

We are opening our doors to welcome everyone and provide the opportunity for you to come along and learn more about what we do at N-Courage. Our 2019 Open Evening takes place on Friday 25th October, 7pm-9pm. Our team will be on hand to meet and explain our programmes. You’ll have the opportunity to meet