Unique Health & Wellbeing Programmes for Autism Spectrum & Additional Support Needs

At N-Courage we are in business to drive social change.  We do this through delivery of individually tailored fitness and health and well-being programmes for children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum and/or with additional support needs.  All of our programmes are ultimately designed to develop vital life skills and lead each individual into meaningful supported employment.

N-Courage Programmes

Based on the scientifically proven principles of Positive Behaviour Support.  Our young people are taught in an Autism friendly environment.  They are supported to ensure success, complex tasks are broken down into simple steps and each individual’s motivation is used to ensure successful learning and constant progress in a fun environment.  Skill acquisition and development is constantly tracked and documented and the data collected used to decide when and how to move programmes on and to identify key learning targets.

N-Courage is Unique

Our teaching approach is what makes N-Courage different.  We make health and well-being activities accessible to individuals with Autism and complex learning requirements.


The Inspiration Behind N-Courage

Everything we do and everything we strive to achieve at N-Courage is inspired by Cameron and young people like him.  Cameron has Autism and finds communication and everyday activities challenging.  Over the years, various supports have helped Cameron to develop to his full potential.  But since Cameron’s journey into Martial Arts began, his training at N-Courage has helped him to develop the skills to secure and be successful in his first job as Classroom Assistant with N-Courage.

Our aim at N-Courage as well as developing physical fitness and emotional well-being, is ultimately to develop the skills required for work and everyday living and to support our young people into meaningful employment.

Take a look at the video to find out more about Cameron’s story and his N-Courage journey.

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